Tell Your Story Of How You Quit Tobacco

There are others out there just like you that have been affected by tobacco. Read their stories about quitting tobacco, using the Helpline, helping others quit and more. You might just pick up a few tips and be inspired to start your journey to a tobacco-free lifestyle.

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I started smoking when I was a sophomore in high school. Back then it was the “cool thing” to do. I smoked for about 10 years and after I decided that smoking was not the “cool thing” for me anymore. It was an expensive habit and really provided nothing positive in my life.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things one might go through; fortunately, there is help to cope with something that has been a daily visitor. I quit cold turkey and while I understand that doing this is VERY difficult for most people, it (luckily) wasn’t that bad for me. I, of course, had the withdrawal symptoms, but I never reached the point to where I thought I was going to snap, or even felt like I HAD to smoke to relieve my stress, anxiety, anger, etc. For the vast majority that have tried to quit on your own, understand that it is well worth it to keep at it and try using one of the many resources available to help quit smoking, like the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (1-800-QUIT-NOW). Take it from me, your life will change.

I never liked the smell I carried around with me after smoking. I wouldn’t smoke if I were around people who didn’t; call it embarrassment, shame, or whatever, but everyone knows that smoking is not good for you. Now, after a few years of not smoking, my taste buds are back in full-swing, my body feels more energetic, and I don’t have to worry about when I will be able to light up. I’m grateful that my decision to quit came earlier in my life than later. The sooner you quit, the easier it is for your body to recover from the harm all of the chemicals in cigarettes create. Also, the sooner you quit, the bigger your wallet becomes; so I guess you could call it a win/win! Take it from me, it’s worth it to quit. Your life can only improve without the company of cigarettes.

Derek S.

I am 44 years old and have used dip for 20 plus years. I have loved it and hated it for the same amount of time. I have wasted much of my life worrying if dipping is going to cause cancer. One day after work in early April I saw the commercial with James Capps talking about the effects cancer has had on his life. That was it for me. Tobacco stops with me too Mr. Capps. Thank you for exposing yourself and touching my life.

RJ, Altus, OK