Thinking about quitting tobacco? You can do it with these 5 tips for guys.

Men are awesome at conquering challenges — but some problems are a little tricky. If dipping, smoking or vaping have you stumped, we’ve got five tips to help you cross the finish line. Check them out, then get FREE support, Quit Coaching and patches, gum or lozenges from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.

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1. Light your inner man-fire.

Whether you want better health, more money or a longer life with your family, there are tons of reasons to get inspired. What’s yours? Check out Shaun’s story to see why he manned up and quit.

2. Slow your roll.

When you’re starting your journey, ease into it. Patches, gum or lozenges give your body small doses of nicotine — while you get the hang of not smoking or dipping. Want a FREE two-week supply?

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3. Let a Quit Coach show you the playbook.

We get it. As a dude, you don’t talk about your feelings a whole lot. The good news? You don’t have to. The Quit Coaches at the Helpline are there to answer your questions and give helpful advice. But… If you DO want to talk about your struggles? Your secret is safe with your Quit Coach — so you can keep your man card.

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4. Reach out for support. (Even if you’re a tough guy.)

If your truck battery died, you’d ask for a jump. So, there’s no shame in asking for help to jumpstart your tobacco-free lifestyle. Take it from Ronnie. After seven cancer surgeries, he has this advice: “Don’t be too stubborn to get the help you need.” Check out his story.

5. Have a Man-Do Attitude.

You patched the dry wall. Changed your spark plugs. Fixed that squeaky washing machine — with nothing but a punch of your fist. When you decide to get stuff done, it’s game over — and quitting tobacco is no different. When you find your motivation and keep your chin up, nothing can stand in your way.

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Thinking about quitting?
You’ve got this, man.

Arm yourself with tools for success at the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. You’ll get access to an online community, free Quit Coaching and a FREE two-week supply of patches, gum or lozenges. Call 1-800-QUIT NOW or visit for free support. Just remember — you can do it, man.

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