How to Start and Maintain Your Tobacco-Free Story

Once upon a time, there was an Oklahoman who wanted to quit tobacco.

Your Tobacco-Free Story

Our tale begins with your tobacco-free story.

Once upon a time, there was an Oklahoman who wanted to quit tobacco.

It’s a story that’s never been told the same way twice, as everyone’s path is different. Where are you in your story? First time trying to quit? In the thick of it? At the end?

No matter where you are, we have the tools on how to start and maintain your tobacco-free story. With the support of the Helpline, your story could look something like this.

Chapter 1: Clearing the Air

You’ve decided to quit tobacco, and it’s a weird feeling. You’ve been using tobacco for a long time. It’s a big part of your daily routine. You feel confident about your decision to quit… but also nervous. Where do you start? Who should you turn to?

Family and friends have your back and you are ready to reach out to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for the range of free services. When you call 1-800-QUIT NOW, you’re greeted with friendly, non-judgmental support. After a 10-minute registration call, you’ve set up a Quit Plan that’s right for you. You even receive a FREE two-week supply of patches, gum or lozenges just for registering.

Your Quit Date is scheduled, your NRTs are in the mail… you feel relief. For the first time in years, you finally feel like you can breathe.

Chapter 2: Getting Through Cravings


It’s amazing what changes when you quit tobacco. Your breath smells better, food tastes better. You have extra time in your day. You’re loving this new tobacco-free lifestyle, and you’re motivated to keep it going.

However, there is only one issue: cravings. They strike when you least expect them, and if you’re going to stay tobacco-free, you need to get cravings under control.

The key is to do something that keeps your mind engaged. Take a walk. Play a game. Listen to music. Cravings only last a few minutes, so finding a quick distraction can help you outlast the urge.

Chapter 3: Sharing Success

You’re proud of your tobacco-free journey. Breathing feels easier. Plus, that walk you just took? Everything feels easier, and you’re proud of your decision to quit.

You’ve changed your life – and the lives of others. Inspired by your success, your friends are ready to quit too. You let them know how good it feels to be tobacco free and that if they need support, the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is there. No matter where you are in your tobacco-free story, you can count on the Helpline for support.

Need support?

Call 1-800-QUIT NOW or visit and discover helpful resources for quitting tobacco. There are no judgments. Just help.