Trying to quit tobacco and need support? You’re not alone.

Forty percent of smokers who quit said that support from others played a significant role in their success. Good news – support is exactly what the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline provides.

The Helpline offers plenty of one-on-one encouragement for tobacco users. It connects Oklahomans with a supportive community of advocates, quit coaches and people who have successfully quit smoking.

When you sign up for the Helpline’s FREE services, you get instant access to this like-minded community. For example, the Web Coach service connects you with trained professionals who have helped Oklahomans who have experienced similar challenges. This safe, encouraging environment gives you the opportunity to talk through your thoughts, feelings and day-to-day trials during your journey of quitting tobacco.

You’ll find even more inspiration on social media. The Helpline’s Facebook page gives you a great preview of the support you can expect once you’ve decided to quit. There, you’ll find people like you who have made the choice to live tobacco free. Whether you’re struggling with cravings or celebrating a milestone, someone is always there to lift you up.

If you need help quitting tobacco, take advantage of this positive community. Check out the FREE services and supportive outlets the Helpline has to offer.

Even if you’re not a tobacco user, you can still support someone along their quitting journey. Click here for tips on how to help someone quit.