The Story Of Dexter And Veramae: A Tobacco-Free Match Made In Heaven

Veramae smoked for 52 years. As the birth of her great grandson approached, she knew she needed to make a…


Veramae smoked for 52 years. As the birth of her great grandson approached, she knew she needed to make a change. So Veramae called the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. With free quit coaching, nicotine patches and motivational support, she quit the day her grandson was born — but the craving was still there.

Then along came Dexter. This tiny puppy stole Veramae’s heart, and she knew she could never expose his little lungs to secondhand smoke. Today, Dexter is happy and healthy — and he’s never breathed one whiff of toxic smoke.

Secondhand Smoke Impacts Our Furry Friends

Secondhand smoke is a serious health risk to humans, but it also affects the animals we love. It can harm our beloved dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Have you noticed how your dog sniffs everything on a walk? Smelling is one of their most extraordinary senses — but secondhand smoke can damage their sensitive noses, and that’s not the only risk.

Dogs exposed to secondhand smoke are at greater risk for allergies, eye infections, lung cancer, nose cancer and respiratory diseases. Cats who live in smoking homes are at greater risk for lymphoma and lung cancer. Secondhand tobacco smoke has been linked to oral cancer in cats who often groom themselves, licking toxic smoke residues off their fur. Smoke residues can also cause serious skin conditions in dogs. From birds to fish to reptiles and more, every pet needs protection from secondhand smoke.

Free Support Is Available to Help You Quit Tobacco

Quitting helps you live a longer, healthier life — and it protects your family and pets. Thousands of Oklahomans have quit with FREE support from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. It offers the tools, resources and support you need, including:

  • Quit coaching
  • Motivational texts
  • An online community of support
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy, including patches, gum or lozenges.

To get started, call 1-800-QUIT NOW or sign up here. It’s all free!

Do it for the Dexter in Your Life.

Got a furry friend like Dexter? Consider quitting for their health — and yours. Reach out to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for free support. You’ll be glad you did … and so will your best friend!