A Mother’s Day Success Story

We owe a lot to our mothers. They make huge sacrifices to provide for their kids. However, thousands of moms…

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We owe a lot to our mothers. They make huge sacrifices to provide for their kids. However, thousands of moms across Oklahoma are dealing with an extra challenge. For these moms, battling nicotine addiction can be stressful and emotional.

Everyone knows moms are tough. They have the strength to quit tobacco, plus they have access to FREE services from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.

Here is the amazing Mother’s day success story of an Oklahoma mother winning the fight against tobacco.

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Mother’s Day Success Story: Brandi’s Quit Journey

Brandi was a longtime tobacco user who smoked while driving around town or running errands. One day she noticed her son coughing each time she lit a cigarette. Afterwards, Brandi promised herself to hold off on smoking while around her son — whether it was inside the car or out, then her son asked her point-blank if she would quit.

Hearing those words were a wake-up call for Brandi. By this point, she was smoking around two packs per day. She decided the only way forward was to quit. That’s when she contacted the Helpline.

What’s her life been like since quitting tobacco? Breathtaking. “I never thought I could run and exercise — but since I quit smoking, we go to the park and run around and go swimming. The health benefits from quitting smoking are amazing,” she said.

Learn more about this Mother’s day success with Brandi’s inspiring story.

Brandi — and thousands of other Oklahoma mothers — are proof that quitting tobacco is worth it. This Mother’s Day, we recognize the hard work and sacrifice of all moms. If you or someone you love is thinking about quitting tobacco, recommend the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline to them. It could make all the difference to a mom who needs some support.

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