Tulsa, OK

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My life after quitting has been breathtaking.

My son always coughed when I smoked. He complained that it was bothering him. After a while, it really got to me. One day, he asked me to quit smoking. Just hearing him say that made my heart hurt.

By that point, I was smoking about two packs a day. My favorite thing was smoking while I drove in my car. I decided right then, I would never smoke around my son. Not in the car. Not anywhere. Then I thought, “If I can’t smoke in my car, then I might as well not smoke at all.”

My life after quitting has been breathtaking. I never thought I could run and exercise — but since I quit smoking, we go to the park and run around and go swimming. The health benefits are amazing. The Helpline made a difference in helping me quit. Now my son and I can really enjoy our time together.