2020 Surgeon General’s Report

Smoking Consequences Are Clear. Tobacco Is Deadly.

It’s been half a century since the Surgeon General first warned of tobacco’s health hazards. Since then, a growing mountain of evidence has proven just how deadly it is. Tobacco contains at least 70 cancer-causing substances. It’s filled with hundreds of toxic chemicals. And it’s killed 10 times as many Americans as all our nation’s wars combined.

Click the links below to access 50 years of experience regarding tobacco’s devastating effects on the body.

  1. Consumer Guide – This brief, easy-to-read presentation presents the Surgeon General’s report in a condensed, visually rich format.
  2. Executive Summary – This document provides a more formal, scientific summary of the full report along with informative statements from government health officials.
  3. Full Surgeon General’s Report – Spanning nearly 1000 pages, the full Surgeon General’s report is a comprehensive source of scientific and epidemiological data.