Join the Great American Smokeout,
November 17, 2016.

The Great American Smokeout is an annual event that encourages smokers to quit for at least one day.

In the days leading up to the event, we can help you prepare for the big day by starting small. Mini-quits can train your body and mind to fight triggers, build endurance and develop the skills you need to manage cravings. We’ll help you quit for a day — and beyond.

Mini-quit ideas:

  • Cravings driving you crazy?
    If driving is your trigger, keep mints or gum in your car to help you steer clear of tobacco.
  • Does coffee awaken your cravings?
    If caffeine is your trigger, try replacing a cup of joe with a glass of water.
  • Need a breather from the stress?
    Instead of taking a smoke break, take a few deep breaths — in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Cravings eating away at you?
    If eating a big, delicious meal is your trigger, try taking a brisk, post-dinner stroll instead.

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REMEMBER: Additional support and resources are always available from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. Click here or call 1-800-QUIT NOW to learn more and create a customized Quit Plan.