What Type Of Tobacco Quitter Are You?

Different types.Different needs.

What Type Of Tobacco Quitter Are You?

What Type Of Tobacco Quitter Are You?
Different types.
Different needs.

What Type Of Tobacco Quitter Are You? Get the help you need to quit tobacco. The only thing more important than getting help? Getting the right help. One of the biggest steps in quitting tobacco is finding help that’s just right for you. Are you a Social Quitter? A Private Quitter? A Relentless Quitter? A Family First Quitter? Learn more about what type you are and how the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline can help you.

Social Quitters

Do you post a lot on Facebook? Make friends with complete strangers? Do you like to talk through your problems?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re probably a Social Quitter.

Social Quitters are open about their quitting journey. They like talking about the process with friends and family — and making posts on social media to stay motivated. When they share their thoughts and feelings, they’re more likely to follow through. It helps them stay motivated.

What’s the best service for me?
Quit Coaching — Get on the phone with a specially trained Quit Coach through the All Access quit plan. Their goal? To give you the tips and motivation you need to quit tobacco. Schedule your calls to fit your schedule. No matter your needs, your Quit Coach understands what you’re going through. They’re ready to help and they don’t judge.

Private Quitters

Talking it out isn’t for everyone, but getting help is.

Private Quitters keep their business to themselves. They don’t make a big deal of their decision to quit. In fact, they’d prefer to do it without anyone noticing. They all have different reasons, but they have one thing in common: they’re not interested in making a spectacle out of this big decision.

What’s the best service for me?
Web Coaching — It’s the easiest way to connect with other quitters who have been in your shoes. Through the service, you can set up your Quit Plan, calculate your savings, and participate in community discussions. Need more help? You can message with online Quit Coaches for advice. No talking needed.

Relentless Quitters

For many people, it takes several attempts to finally quit tobacco.

Even if they’ve tried and failed before, Relentless Quitters never give up. They understand how tricky it can be to quit, and they develop new strategies each time. They’re determined to live healthier and happier, no matter how many tries it takes. Relentless Quitters prefer practical advice that can get them through tough times. They’ve been through the process before… they just need to know how to make it stick this time.

Whether it’s your first try or your hundredth, the Helpline has resources to get you back on the right path.

What’s the best service for me?
Email and Text Services — Get help in the palm of your hand. With the Helpline’s text messaging services, you get additional motivation delivered right to your phone. Plus, weekly Helpline emails are full of tips to keep you tobacco free. It’s support for whenever you need it. By signing up for Individual Services, you have the option to customize those online services to fit your needs.

Family First Quitters

Everybody has a reason for quitting tobacco — from health to looks to money. No matter what it is, your reason matters because it matters to you.

Family First Quitters start their quitting journey for the health of their families. They know secondhand smoke is dangerous for non-smokers — especially children. So they change their habits to protect the people they love. Family First Quitters need a solution that’s convenient and easy to use.

What’s the best service for me?
Individual Services — You deserve a plan that meets your needs, no matter what your situation is. Individual Services allows you to pick and choose what services are the best fit for you and your family. Whether you need phone calls, emails, text messages or Nicotine Replacement Therapy, the Helpline can help you quit tobacco while keeping your family in mind.

Free Resources For Everyone

Tobacco users are eligible for a FREE two-week supply of patches, gum or lozenges. To get started on your journey, call the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-QUIT NOW. Or visit OKhelpline.com for free, nonjudgmental support.