5 Ways to Conquer Triggers During Hispanic Heritage Month

How to Beat Cravings During Hispanic Heritage Month

5 Ways to Conquer Triggers During Hispanic Heritage Month

How to Beat Cravings During Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 through October 15 brings Oklahoma families together in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This year, with COVID-19 still present, it’s important to celebrate with safety in mind, but is it possible to celebrate safely AND keep tobacco cravings away?

Yes! Let’s explore how.

Managing Triggers

Celebrating at family gatherings could bring unexpected tobacco triggers. How can you stop them? One way is engaging in a one-on-one conversation. Pull your buddy or loved one aside and start a socially distant chat. Chatting one-on-one is a great way to curb cravings!

Another idea? Separate yourself from the situation. If you’re around someone lighting up, excuse yourself and get some fresh air. You can dive into your quit kit for a healthy snack or take a crack at a crossword puzzle. (More on quit kits below.)

One more thing — if you’re invited somewhere you know you’ll be tempted to slip, don’t go. There’s no need to risk your progress!

Be Vocal. Get Support.

Friends and family provide essential support for becoming tobacco free. In fact, 40% of former smokers say that support from others made a difference in their success.

Remember: When it comes to quitting, you are not alone. Let friends and family know you are making positive changes for yourself. They’ll be there to back you up!

Location, Location, Location!

Find tobacco-free places! Bars and restaurants will be running at limited capacity, which could mean lots of at-home celebrations. How can this play to your advantage? Hanging with friends and family is a great way in keeping cravings in check — especially after you’ve shared your intentions to live tobacco free.

Is someone in your group lighting up? Politely ask them to take it away or outside. Celebrating in a park? Since 2015, Oklahoma parks have been 100% tobacco free. No smoking. No chewing or dip. Think of it as your home field advantage!

Don’t Forget Your Quit Kit

Creating your own “quit kit” is a great way to stop cravings in their tracks. Fill it with your most trusted tools for managing cravings — like your favorite book, a sketchbook, crossword puzzles and healthy snacks like sunflower seeds or carrots. You should also keep an extra face mask packed inside — just in case!

Think of your quit kit as ammo to battle cravings. Don’t leave home without it!

A Note on COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face masks in public when you are around people outside of your household — especially when it’s hard to remain socially distant. Please follow CDC guidelines while celebrating with friends and family!

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and My Life, My Quit

Fighting cravings isn’t a solo effort. Call 1-800-QUIT NOW or visit OKhelpline.com for FREE help to quit. Oklahomans 18 and older are eligible for FREE patches, gum or lozenges, along with quit coaching to help you conquer tobacco.

Know a teen looking for help to quit tobacco or vaping? My Life, My QuitTM is here with services specially designed for their needs. My Life, My Quit offers FREE web coaching and text support. To start, call 855-891-9989 or text “Start my Quit”.