It takes determination to stay tobacco free. You’ve come a long way. Let’s focus on the long-term. Use these helpful tips and resources to keep up the momentum on your tobacco-free journey.

Tips for Staying Tobacco Free >
Explore ways to tobacco-proof your life.

Ideas for Managing Stress >
Use these resources to reduce tension and anxiety.

Get More Support >
Learn about creating support to keep you going strong.

Tools for Managing Cravings >
Learn to identify triggers and handle nicotine cravings.

Tips for Dealing with Slips >
Slips happen. Use these resources to get back on track.

Games, Music & More >
Keep your mind busy with puzzles, playlists, coloring pages and much more.


Everyone has a unique way of quitting. Check out the FREE services we offer, and pick the ones that are right for you. Even if you’re not quite ready to quit, we’ll be here when you need us.