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A powerful reminder that quitting tobacco can be a team effort

Great American Smokeout Partner Kit

On November 16, thousands of people across the country will quit tobacco for the Great American Smokeout. For many, this one-day event drives home an important truth — that quitting tobacco doesn’t have to be a solo journey. So download the Great American Smokeout partner kit and join thousands across the country in a quitting tobacco movement!

In fact, Oklahomans who are thinking about quitting tobacco have a community of support right here at home. The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline offers FREE services and resources that include at least a two-week supply of patches, gum or lozenges, along with quit coaching and emails full of helpful tips.

Great American Smokeout

How can you spread the word? Download the Helpline’s Great American Smokeout Partner Kit for engaging social media posts and accompanying images. Share them with your audiences to help drive awareness and boost participation.

Together, we can help thousands of Oklahomans achieve their tobacco-free dreams!

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Additional Helpline Resources Worth Sharing

Pre-Quit Checklist

When someone quits tobacco, a little prep goes a long way. This pre-quit checklist has everything they need to get started.

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Craving Busters

Help Oklahomans conquer nicotine cravings with these free crosswords, coloring pages and games.

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Mindfulness is a powerful tool that’s helped countless people stay tobacco free. Here are four simple mindfulness exercises, along with a few journal prompts to crush the cravings.

Mindfulness Tips

Journal Prompts

31 Days of Inspiration

This 31-Day Quit Calendar is full of tips, tricks and encouragement to help Oklahomans beat cravings and conquer their first month tobacco free.

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