Oklahoma City, OK

I used the money saved from smoking to buy my first home and travel.

I started smoking right out of high school because everybody else was doing it. At the time I didn’t realize how big of an impact that decision would have on my life.

I started to plan every part of my life around smoking — it took up so much of my time and money.

The day I called the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline was the day everything changed. Their free Coach support made such a difference. Whenever I felt like I needed to smoke, I could talk to a Coach and they would help me through it. If I had to pay for those resources, I’m not sure I would’ve taken the steps to quit.

Quitting has improved my life in more ways than one. I used the money I saved from smoking to buy a house, travel and spend quality time with loved ones.

If it wasn’t for the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, I would still be smoking today.