Drumright, OK

Veramae testimonial

The Helpline gave me more than patches. They gave me a whole support system!

I started smoking at 15 years old, when a pack of cigarettes only cost a quarter! Each time the price went up, I promised myself I’d quit “next time,” but I wound up smoking for 52 years. Thankfully, with support from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, I quit two years ago on the day my great grandson was born, September 7th!

Taking the first step wasn’t easy, but the Helpline was there for me from day one. They knew what I was going through and gave me the tools I needed to quit. From the moment I put on my first patch, I knew I was on the right path. They gave me so much more than free patches, though. They gave me a whole support system! Every time I got a call or text from my Quit Coach, I knew I had a village behind me.

Quitting smoking changed my entire life. Now, I can take my dog, Dexter, for a walk and play ball with him at the park without getting winded. I can pay my bills without stress. I even bought a car! If I can quit after 52 years, anyone can.