Claremore, OK

Life is completely different tobacco free. I'm a lot happier.

I grew up in a military family, constantly on the move. Both of my parents smoked, so tobacco was simply part of everyday life. When I found myself in jail at age 19, I saw cigarettes as a form of currency and social bonding behind bars. I started smoking.

I would go on to smoke for the next 19 years, despite trying to quit multiple times. When I saw cigarette smoke blowing into my daughter’s face during a car ride, I decided right then and there to give quitting an honest try.

I called the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline in 2020. The free patches and Coach support they provided made this attempt different. I wasn’t happy when the patches first arrived, but I knew it was time, so I put one on at work that day and started my journey.

Today, life is completely different tobacco free. I’m a lot happier. My hope is that my daughter knows anything is possible. Even if you make bad decisions, it doesn’t have to be who you are.