Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

...the patches were in my mailbox within days.

My name is Julie, and the Helpline helped me quit. I had been wanting to quit for awhile…but I was scared! Quitting is NOT EASY. In my case my desire to quit was very strong. That is what helped me to take the step to call. But I was nervous about calling. Sometimes companies can make pests out of themselves…not 1-800-QUIT NOW! They were perfect. I called and spoke to a very nice man, told him what I wanted and I swear to goodness the patches were in my mailbox within days. Which was good because I didn’t want to buy any more cigarettes!
I don’t remember how long it took, 1-2 weeks I think. But when that urge was gone, I was a better person. I no longer had the perfume of cigarettes following me around. So thanks, 1-800-QUIT NOW. You work great.