Bethany, OK

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The Helpline was crucial and vital to me quitting tobacco.

I started smoking when I was 26, while hanging out with a lot of friends and musicians who use tobacco. I was working as a personal trainer, eating healthy and exercising, but I still smoked. You could always find me with a cigarette in my hand.

I didn’t realize how addicted I was until I tried to quit, and it ended up being a lot harder than I thought it would be. I beat myself up a lot, which only made my mental health struggles worse. I felt like I was stuck in an endless cycle of negativity. I had to learn to love myself to quit tobacco.

The people at the Helpline were awesome every time I called. I found that the lozenges worked the best for me, and I was never judged when I had to call for more refills. I also had a very impactful Quit Coach who shared her own struggles with me, and I found that very encouraging. I would not have received the resources and support I needed to quit without the Helpline — it was crucial and vital to me quitting tobacco.