Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

I quit for him, for me, for my newfound daughter...

I smoked for 36 years. I loved my cigarettes. In 1969, I gave my baby girl up for adoption. In 2000, we reconnected. I loved her and was truly upset when I found out she was a smoker, too. No one else in her adoptive family smoked. Did she get it from me?

My husband had health problems and challenged me to quit. He said if I could quit, he could, as I was a heavier smoker than he was. In 2001, I quit for him, for me, for my newfound daughter and her children. It wasn’t easy. I used Wellbutrin and the patch for a short while, set a date and that was it! Done. I haven’t touched tobacco since.

My husband did not quit and passed away in 2004. My daughter did quit in honor of her adoptive father who passed away. My apologies to all my family, friends, acquaintances and strangers for all the discomfort and misery I have caused due to my smoking.