Testimonial 2

I signed up... with about 20 other coworkers

“I had smoked close to a pack and a half for 32 years. I was wheezing a lot and found it hard to walk any distance. I would sit out in the garage and smoke a couple of cigarettes early in the morning after getting up. When I came back in the kitchen, I would lay my head on the counter and try to catch my breath. I could not breathe and was wheezing badly. At the same time, my mom was in the hospital with a triple bypass and pacemaker. When I saw how awful she looked, I didn’t want my kids to see me like that. (She had smoked nearly 50 years at that time.)

I signed up at my job with about 20 other coworkers to quit smoking using the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. I used the nicotine patches for 6 weeks — that’s it. That was nine years ago last June 14th. I have not had one cigarette since. I do have COPD and use an inhaler every morning, but I am active and healthy. I’m so glad I quit smoking, and I don’t miss it a bit. I don’t have cravings or regrets. Great program.”