Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

I called the Helpline and they sent me patches

My last cigarette was August 22, 2016. I called the Helpline and they sent me patches. I only used one patch for a whole day, then the next morning I didn’t use anymore. So I basically quit cold turkey.

It’s hard, trust me. But if you really want to quit, you can do it. No matter what comes at you, keep your faith, stand your ground and don’t give in. Yes, I know it’s easier to say this than to do it. But trust me. If I can do this, anyone can do it. October 23rd will be two months smokefree. Yes, I miss it, but then I don’t. My taste buds have changed, my breathing is better and my sense of smell is a lot stronger then before. I smell things that I haven’t smelled. Just amazing how your body changes once you stop smoking.