Diane D.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

...do it before you get COPD, not after.

I smoked for 50 years. I knew I had COPD, but not bad. So I continued smoking until I began to make trips to the hospital with pneumonia. My last trip was just awful. I really didn’t think I would come back home. My oxygen level was at 63, and I was scared to death.

After I finally recovered from that episode, I gave some serious thought about stopping. I didn’t want to depend on something else because I just felt like I would get a new addiction to whatever I took, so here is what I did…

For three days, I would take a drag off of my cigarette and not inhale. I would just blow it out my nose. That way, I could taste the nicotine. After awhile, that got boring. So the next step was to challenge myself and see how long I could go without lighting up at all. Never lit another one, never have even wanted another one, and it has been five years… and will be forever.

I’m so thankful I could just get rid of them and not have to fight with myself. If I can quit, so can you. And please do it before you get COPD, not after. I’m lucky. I’m still able to work, and sometimes get out of breath a little, but not bad yet… DO THIS FOR YOU!