Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

If you really want to quit, you really can.

I’m a man in my mid 50s who started smoking when I was around 12 years old. Both parents and all of my 9 siblings were tobacco users. I was the youngest, so it was pretty much inevitable that I smoked too. I smoked until the age of 34 when I found out our daughter could possibly be harmed by my smoking. So I had to buckle down and quit, which was the best decision I have ever made. A smoking cessation class really helped a lot. They’re in almost every town, free of charge, and their counsel really helps. You can also get nicotine patches from the class. They didn’t have Chantix available at that time so I used the patch. I couldn’t wear the patch because of a reaction against it. I had to quit cold turkey, and I needed to quit because of our daughter. And I did it! After about 3 days, my urge to smoke diminished. Now, my cough is gone, everything we own, including our house, car and clothes, no longer smell like smoke and it’s nice to be able to smell and taste food. And the money you can save is nice too. I’m just saying, if I quit, then I just know that you can quit too. If you really want to quit, you really can. Sign up today!