Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline testimonial

...I needed help. I called 1-800-QUIT NOW

I started smoking at the age of 28. I had started a new business, which was a night club. I sold liquor and, of course, smoking was allowed. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes go hand in hand at the club. Well, everyone was enjoying it. So I thought I should join in. After smoking for 22 years, my health became poor. My children and grandchildren asked me to quit for them. So I did at 50 years old. I quit several times before my final puff. I even quit for two years at one point. Then, I smoked one cigarette and was hooked again. I was determined to quit though. Every year on my birthday, my goal to never smoke again. I thought about my family and how they wanted me to be here for them. I thought about my health. My breathing was shallow. My nose was raw from passing smoke through it. My teeth were dingy. The cost of cigarettes went up to $4.00. I promised my self I wouldn’t pay $4.00. It was time to quit. My 50th birthday was approaching and I needed help. I called 1-800-QUIT NOW. I received counseling and a coach when I needed to talk. I received the supplies to help me quit. I prayed to my God. With determination and that push from speaking with someone to hold me accountable, I was able to quit during my birthday month when I turned 50. That was over 12 years ago. I am 62 now and looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with my grandchildren. You too can quit. Be determined. Make a plan or quit today. Good luck.