Edmond, OK

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My son deserves my example and my stewardship.

I smoked and dipped together for many years. I probably went through 5-7 cigars and a can of dip per day. I first quit when I was in my early thirties after I almost died of a heart attack. But tobacco is tough.

One day, my son found my cigar wrappers, and he said to me, “Dad, you need to quit. I want you to quit.” It hurt. I was embarrassed. I failed. I am not the “I need help guy,” but I went to the doctor.

When my doctor told me about the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, it opened up a new door. This time, I had people in my corner supporting me — which I didn’t expect. They were so encouraging, and they still are to this day. I couldn’t have done this by myself.